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Integral parts of the teaching and learning program.

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Developing in oneself or others, any skills in the areas required to the learner

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 Refers to the process of helping a person face their problem and overcome it.

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systematic determination of a subject's merit, worth and significance

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Why our Consulting?

We emphasize the practical application of intelligence and emotions, with real-world scenarios, and assessments are carried out throughout the training.

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Our unique and innovative learning pedagogy goes with imbibing of holistic development of the learner.
THE MONK is organized into three major Erudition Centers
  1. 1.Centers for cognitive development-CCD
  2. 2.Center for emotional intelligence -CEI
  3. 3.Center for English enhancement –CEE
As we observed various stages of human development we came across many theories that state about our moral and cognitive developments.

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